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Human Hair

Brazilian Human Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair generally refers to hair from Brazil. The hair is mostly sorted from Brazil but sometimes originates from surrounding area like Bolivia and Peru. Brazilian hair is the most versatile and unique as the textures and colors varies.

Nature's Hair Brazilian Hair is 100% virgin texture with absolutely no treatment.

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100% Human Hair Extensions

As well as adding volume and length to hair, human hair extensions can be coloured, styled using a heated iron, washed and treated like your own hair. Human hair extensions are available in all different colours, lengths and styles and are not sensitive to the sun and last longer than synthetic extensions.

Remy human hair is the highest grade of human hair and offers the most natural look. With Remy hair, the cuticles of the hair are not stripped and aligned in one direction, from root to tip, to give the most natural appearance. It’s tangle free, soft and shiny.

(Note: Yaki hair refers to the texture resembling black people’s hair, which has been treated with a chemical relaxer. Yaki hair can be Remy human hair, 100% human hair or synthetic.) 

100% Human Hair Lace Wig

There are two types of lace wigs – a front lace wig and a full lace wig.

A full lace wig, which is lined entirely with mesh lace on the inside, is breathable and can allow a person to part their hair and even tie in a ponytail or up-do style while still looking natural and undetectable. Traditional wigs do not allow such styling options. The full lace cap allows the wig to blend into the scalp, creating a natural and realistic hairline at the forehead, sides and nape.

A front lace wig has lace at the forehead section, behind the natural hairline. This type of wig cannot be pulled into a ponytail or up-do style as the lace is only at the front of the unit.

Lace wigs are made from 100% human hair or synthetic hair and some have “baby hair” at the front section to cover any sign of lace and to give a natural look.

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