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Fair and White Gold Ultimate Revitalising Brightening Kit for Face

This Gold Ultimate Brightening kit is a unique 3-step revitalizing and brightening system essential to illuminate, refine and tone, dull uneven skin tone. After four weeks, spots have faded, restoring absolute brightness.
Kit includes:
Step 1 AHA Brightening Cream eliminates dead surface skin, refining skin’s texture and restoring its natural glow. Allows more effective penetration of lightening actives into the skin.
Step 2 Intense Argan Oil Active Serum aggressively fades dark spots and unifies skin as clarity and radiance are restored.
Step 3 Sunscreen with SPF 50 is formulated in a creamy version to prevent premature aging, skin discoloration and sunburn. This is the most important step to maintain even skin tone. Does not leave a white residue on the skin.


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