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Makari Clarifying Cream - Hand, Foot, Elbow

The rich anti-oxidant helps lighten the hard to whiten, rough, dark areas while preventing formation of wrinkles and slow down aging process.
– Combines clarifying, hydrating, and nourishing properties to make skin ultra-soft and smooth.
– This rich hand and feet balm will help relieve dryness and discoloration around the hands, feet, knees, and elbows
– Helps clarify and even the skin tone of darker spots on the body
– Supreme softening and surface smoothing make this ultra-rich hand and feet balm a best-seller
Makari purifies the skin thoroughly cleansing it from external bacteria, removing all dirt and dead cells from the skin interior. It also removes liver spots, sun spots and blemishes at a slow yet effective process, thereby giving the skin an even light tone. Furthermore, Makari stimulates controlled cell production avoiding linear aging spots and wrinkles. Acting as a skin defense agent.
Makari protects the skin from external influences and finally, controls stabilization when the skin has already reached its natural skin well-being state. Makari is excellent in re-hydration of dry skin, a wonderful base under make up, and will prolong and improve make up wear. Makari is a water based formula excellent form for oily combination skin type. So look your beautiful best with a complete range of Makari products that helps conceal and camouflage the skin’s imperfections for a flawless, more youthful appearance.
75 ml


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