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Makari Premium+ Duo Pack Whitening Cream Day & Night and Enhancer Regulator Serum

Gentle enough for daily use and strong enough to fight signs of aging and discoloration at night, while serum provides the extra boost of evening toning activity.
We have combined our signature products into a revolutionary even toning all-in-one system. Just add the right amount of serum for a more enhanced even tone and brightening experience.
This is recommended for very dry skin for advanced treatment.
Directions: Cream + Serum mix
20 drops of serum to slightly boost the whitening effects of the cream
60 drops to boost the whitening effects even further.
The remainder of the serum can be applied directly to any spots or areas that do not respond as effectively. Use once or twice a day on your face and/or your body.
The cream on its own: Apply the PREMIUM + Day/Night Cream to your face and/or body, once to twice a day, for a soft and gradual whitening effect.The serum on its own: As explained above, the serum can be used on its own to treat any spots or areas that are not whitening as effectively.This product is guaranteed to be free from hydroquinone and parabens. Non-allergenic fragrance.
Enhancer Regulator Serum 1.01 fl OZ
Whitening Cream Day & Night 3.38 fl OZ